System of management

System of management

Five or more officers (steering committee members and auditors) are elected and dismissed at the members' annual general meeting from among the members. The chairperson and vice-chairperson are elected from among the steering committee members. The steering committee holds a regular meeting every month, and talks about the organization's management and activities. A secretariat with two staff has been established to facilitate the activities. Currently there are about 190 individual members and 6 organizational members. (As of the end of December in 2008.)

Jumma Net's articles of association were adopted and put into effect in November 2003, and were last revised in June 2006.

Jumma Net officers in fiscal year 2008

Chairperson: Takashi Shimosawa

Vice-chairperson: Tom Eskildsen

Steering Committee: Makiko Kimura, Mitsutoshi Goto, Kinuko Tsuha, Hideko Hayami, Ikufumi Fukuzawa, Fumio Fujii, Midori Matsuda, Miki Yanaka

Auditors: Kimiyasu Imamura, Ai Shimizu

Secretariat Staff: Midori Matsuda (project manager) and Miki Sato (domestic affairs officer)