Chittagong Hill Tracts White Paper

First English version, 10 February 2009
The Issues of Conflict, Human Rights, Development, and Land of the Indigenous Peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh 2003-2006

Ranglai Mro Letter of Concern Hasina E

January 2009
"Letter of Concern regarding Mr. Rang Lai Mro" Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

SajekProtest sign E

May 2008
"Request for investigation of Sajek arson incident and relief for victims" Ambassador, Ashraf-ud-Doula, Bangladesh Embassy

Bakul Ranglai Letter E

May 2008
"Appeal for release of indigenous detainees and re-investigation"Adviser A F Hassan Aariff

Ranlai PAletter GOB sign-E

December 2007

Maischari Protest sign E

April 2006

IPsummon Protest sign E

October 2005

MOFAappeal for Koizumi E

july 2005
"Letter of Appeal to Mr. Junichiro KOIZUMI, Prime Minister of Japan, Appeal to review the Japanese ODA policy on the Government of Bangladesh and take possitive action on Chittagong Hill Tracts issue.

Bhuiochari letter E

May 2003